My Constant Reminder

You’re a constant stream of consciousness, A reminder that I’m not alone. Fighting time and errands for a hug, a glance, a smile. So confused and yet ok. So angry but breaking. Mother nature, why so cruel? Your games render me a fool! The world wants instant gratification! But you are patient, loving, and steady. When others ruffle my feathers, You lower your voice and … Continue reading My Constant Reminder

A glorious moment because of wonderful YOU!

The moment is glorious! Your wonderful spirit comes through in bursts of grey and black. I laugh and smile as I reflect on your prompts. A romantic moment, a bowl of mush engulfing us. The smell of lilacs fill the air; I am happy, delirious, smiling. The future unknown, the past far gone. Right now I have you, your sweet thoughts, and adoring words. Continue reading A glorious moment because of wonderful YOU!

Emotional Mind Games

Busy tasks keep my mind occupied, Sometimes just not long enough. My thoughts drift, Especially at night. And once again I’m overwhelmed. I marvel at my life, My incredible little jewels. Did I really play a part In their shining lives? So much to be thankful for, Yet feeling unsatisfied. Trying to shake these emotions. Why can’t I? Feeling broken And not enough… When will … Continue reading Emotional Mind Games

Writing is working… Day 1 of #SOL14

What is it about this Slice of Life challenge that created utter silence in my classroom and how do I make it last? The daily five minute writing time tends to be somewhat chaotic depending on who’s present and who’s absent but today everyone wrote! A few one liners but students truly transferred thoughts to paper in silence as I sat in my chair unable … Continue reading Writing is working… Day 1 of #SOL14