Contrived to Write!

It seems that this very 1st day of 2018 has contrived to force my fingers into the internal promise I made to write more this year. It’s like that gym membership that you proudly and eagerly purchase for yourself and cannot wait to begin but when the day actually comes you find every excuse to not forge forward. I have been looking forward to writing this post for days, imagining a brilliant and catchy opening, surely I couldn’t wait to get started…

Last night’s fireworks and chat with my brother kept me up late so this morning’s 7:30am alarm came way too early. Past the snooze into the stop alarm zone led to a frenzied text to my surf buddy who was actually running late as well. FaceTime from under the covers with the Beasties and despite the extra time I still managed to be an hour late for the first day of 2018’s surf session… As I ran out the door I grabbed my MacBook and knew that at some point I would write; perhaps sitting with a hot chai at Barnes & Noble or as I am now, the setting sun glistening off the surface of the gently crashing Maui waves. Forced so perfectly just before sunset from the sitting Honoapi’ilani Highway of parked cars, I can’t help but give thanks.

The sun has now vanished and the afterglow is numbed by the vog. I watch two surfers in the water, one smoothly jumping on his board and easily catching ever wave, the other paddling, exerting incredible energy and missing every wave. He laughs at every miss and I can’t help but relate… I am so happy to be sitting here with my laptop open, writing. Embarking on a new adventure, commiting these words to a post, not knowing exactly why I am writing, no brilliance, but rambling nonetheless.

I know what good writing looks like, I devour volumes and drink pages from masters who have come before me and perhaps one day my words will hold meaning but for today I am sitting on a West Maui shore listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and although struggling to find my voice or even purpose I have paddled out and now will strive to honor my hunger to write! (5:45-6:30pm)

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