Contrived to Write!

It seems that this very 1st day of 2018 has contrived to force my fingers into the internal promise I made to write more this year. It’s like that gym membership that you proudly and eagerly purchase for yourself and cannot wait to begin but when the day actually comes you find every excuse to…

Hollow Pain

Dutiful responsibilities squared away. Searching but not looking, Slow death please go away! Pushing to punch, Looking to improve, But the hollowness lingers. Everything is so great! Yet in the darkness, Hollowness creeps and takes hold. Smile turned on, So hard to strive. Can’t cry, Is it not strength? Hollowness you won’t win!

To Her You’re Wonder Woman

Sometimes the world is cruel, You struggle and bleed to breathe. On Your knees; Pleading with your legs to stand. Then an angel forms within you, Her birth changes your life. She cries when you’re far, And fills every crevice with love. Her words bring the joyful tears You never thought you had. Her little…

My Constant Reminder

You’re a constant stream of consciousness, A reminder that I’m not alone. Fighting time and errands for a hug, a glance, a smile. So confused and yet ok. So angry but breaking. Mother nature, why so cruel? Your games render me a fool! The world wants instant gratification! But you are patient, loving, and steady….