Emotional Mind Games

Busy tasks keep my mind occupied, Sometimes just not long enough. My thoughts drift, Especially at night. And once again I’m overwhelmed. I marvel at my life, My incredible little jewels. Did I really play a part In their shining lives? So much to be thankful for, Yet feeling unsatisfied. Trying to shake these emotions. Why can’t I? Feeling broken And not enough… When will … Continue reading Emotional Mind Games

Writing is working… Day 1 of #SOL14

What is it about this Slice of Life challenge that created utter silence in my classroom and how do I make it last? The daily five minute writing time tends to be somewhat chaotic depending on who’s present and who’s absent but today everyone wrote! A few one liners but students truly transferred thoughts to paper in silence as I sat in my chair unable … Continue reading Writing is working… Day 1 of #SOL14