Emotional Mind Games

Busy tasks keep my mind occupied,
Sometimes just not long enough.
My thoughts drift,
Especially at night.
And once again I’m overwhelmed.

I marvel at my life,
My incredible little jewels.
Did I really play a part
In their shining lives?

So much to be thankful for,
Yet feeling unsatisfied.
Trying to shake these emotions.
Why can’t I?

Feeling broken
And not enough…
When will this stop?

Bring me peace and warmth,
Please take my pain.
I’m weak and untouchable,
Or so you think!

I’ve been through hell,
And crawled out smiling.
My will is strong,
And unyielding.

What hasn’t killed me,
Made me stronger.
I can conquer worlds,
So don’t get me started!

I may seem frail,
But I’m far from weak.
My mind plays games,
But this one I can win.

I won’t reach for the bell,
I have many rounds to go.
I just don’t want to do it alone,
Not anymore.


  1. I can feel the emotional tug of war you are having. So much to be proud of, so much you’ve conquered, but so many things to do and miles to travel. Beautiful poetry, Edith.

  2. I love all of your work, but Emotional Mind Games resonates with me like a bell at St Pete’s -Adelaide. If this were to be put to music it would be my anthem.

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