Bad manners are not an excuse!

I love watching you sleep;
your beautiful lioness mane around you,
clutching Puffalball into your chest,
your life-size bear pushing you off your bed.

My absolute perfect creation;
I baked you well,
your uncle used to say!

At times I worry about the world I’ll be releasing you into,
hoping it won’t be cruel…
then I remember that I’ve given you tools;
think critically and always be kind.

Your strength has been built over many years of trips and adventures.
Thousands of questions!

You’ve seen my marrow,
how a human spirit should grow.
I’m not perfect by far but I’ve shown you all facets
You know how to face situations!

God, I am so proud of you!

Outside stressors poke and my fire maddens,
this I wish I could control.
To be calmer when I feel hurt,
to not dismiss when I want to hide away.
I still have strength to build
you see mine was not modeled for me,
I fought and through trial and error learned.

People will hurt you, this is a simple fact!
Some mean to and others just don’t know any better.
These people are the insignificant idiots you leave behind.
Ignorance is never an excuse!
Shelter your heart enough to see it blossom.
Give it freely but take it back when someone mistreats it.
Heal your scars for the person who will treat it with the care and passion you deserve.

Bad manners are not an excuse!
Manners communicate care and kindness.
If manners are absent, that person has chosen not to honor you.
Give yourself permission to always take the higher road.

Don’t let people demean who you are,
seeing past the pain is not weakness,
it doesn’t mean that you’re crazy!
It simply means that you’re on a different journey!

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