Empty Silent Turmoil

The pillows propped around me do not do your missing body justice. Your absent fingers interlaced with mine haunt the hours without sleep; the sweetest and most restful inside your arms, cloaking drowsiness as your breath slowed on my neck. Our love, fraught with such turmoil, the lion within you struggling to yield, vulnerability laced with mistrust. I adored the rare and raw glimpses in … Continue reading Empty Silent Turmoil

Bad manners are not an excuse!

I love watching you sleep;your beautiful lioness mane around you,clutching Puffalball into your chest,your life-size bear pushing you off your bed. My absolute perfect creation;I baked you well,your uncle used to say! At times I worry about the world I’ll be releasing you into,hoping it won’t be cruel…then I remember that I’ve given you tools;think critically and always be kind. Your strength has been built over … Continue reading Bad manners are not an excuse!

Embody The Silence

Embody the silence, Expand the chest; 3… 2… 1… and… exxhhaalle… The sharpest edges of pain have turned dull, Breathe in; 3… 2… 1… Exxhhaalle… It’s so hard to write when there’s no pain, Just silence to fill time. Mushy brain, Can’t remember anything! There’s no need, Breathe in; 3… 2… 1… Exxhhaalle… The once rising phoenix, Now lies dormant amongst the ashes. She has … Continue reading Embody The Silence

Please, Just One More Day

Loving you was all consuming, Feeling like I couldn’t breathe; I forged forward, Despite your nonchalant care! Until I just couldn’t… The image of you sneaking in at night, Waking from deep sleep to wrap my arms around you, Breathing you in! Our fingers interlaced under my pillow, Your warm body molding around mine. I miss you so much! The tears hit the page as … Continue reading Please, Just One More Day

Thank You For Being Mine

This huge mysterious world has me mesmerized. My baby now my size! Stealing and ripping my clothes, Running with my heart on her sleeve. A distant unexpected friendship renewed, Suddenly empowered through a screen of words. The world spins, I’m standing alone but not lonely, Content and managing. They have good souls, Through struggles I provided a good life. She is slipping through my fingers, … Continue reading Thank You For Being Mine

To Her You’re Wonder Woman

Sometimes the world is cruel, You struggle and bleed to breathe. On Your knees; Pleading with your legs to stand. Then an angel forms within you, Her birth changes your life. She cries when you’re far, And fills every crevice with love. Her words bring the joyful tears You never thought you had. Her little hand in yours, You can conquer anything! You’re her world. … Continue reading To Her You’re Wonder Woman