You didn’t choose me, and that’s okay.

I’ve felt heartache before, but not like this,

perhaps it’s age,

or maybe the shattering mirror

of believing you cared as deeply as you claimed.


Sadly, you are not capable of depth,

a deceiving mirage…


How do you bed someone after mere days?


There are times when I don’t know how to stop loving you,

Tender pain and anger pierce through me,

I still crave you.

DAYS… mere days!


Deep breaths,

to hold back tears refusing to halt,

so, I let them fall.


This time I will let you go,

Reminding my brain that you’re just a memory, is tricky;

it conjures images to crave you,

I check my phone, obsessing.

Reminder: I was not worth your unworthy time.

Distance and space will scab the void.


I thirst to love and be loved in return!

A partnership and relationship of mutual respect,

entangled in independence that strives for more,

communication that doesn’t punish!

I am so sick of toxic!


A partner in balance,

a worthy hand that steadies,

and most of all,

love that chooses me, no matter what!

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