My Constant Reminder

You’re a constant stream of consciousness, A reminder that I’m not alone. Fighting time and errands for a hug, a glance, a smile. So confused and yet ok. So angry but breaking. Mother nature, why so cruel? Your games render me a fool! The world wants instant gratification! But you are patient, loving, and steady. When others ruffle my feathers, You lower your voice and … Continue reading My Constant Reminder

A glorious moment because of wonderful YOU!

The moment is glorious! Your wonderful spirit comes through in bursts of grey and black. I laugh and smile as I reflect on your prompts. A romantic moment, a bowl of mush engulfing us. The smell of lilacs fill the air; I am happy, delirious, smiling. The future unknown, the past far gone. Right now I have you, your sweet thoughts, and adoring words. Continue reading A glorious moment because of wonderful YOU!