I walk Proud

You clipped my wings
and I took the road less travelled,
because I thought my pain would seize.
At times unbearable!
I’d fall to my knees,
crying for answers,
but none came.

A little bundle wrapped in pink,
was my consolation.
Another painful delivery,
and second chance.
My saviors.

The wings grew back,
and strength returned.
Joyful days
of blissful motherhood.

I thank me for nothing.
Yet I’m proud of all I’ve achieved.
A broken child
grown into a protective dragon.
You can’t break me!

I may stumble,
even fall,
but I’ve outgrown the pain,
and now marvel!

I’ve made it,
and so much more to go!
I walk proud!
I wanted you to know.
My life is simply incredible!


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