Just For Today

The pride in my chest about to burst,
As fluorescent pink and neon green,
Dance in front of me.
Center stage with the lights glaring,
I have given them what I always wanted.

Red lipstick and makeup,
Mixed with perspiration.
Big hugs as my proud tears fall.
So beautiful and so big,
I created this!

Sometimes a pushy mother,
An over involved mom,
Am I too much?
Are my standards too high?
Do I push too hard?
I always wonder about my faults.

Makeup is off.
We read a story before sleep.
“Thank you mommy,”
The almost teenager leans over and hugs me.
“I love you mama,”
The little one reaches up and kisses me.
“We don’t say it enough…”
“We live a wonderful life!”

Ohh, the proud tears roll again,
and I’m overwhelmed.
At least today I know,
I have done my best!

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