I wasn’t ready…

They say time heals all.
Who are ‘They”?
and how do “They” know?
The beautiful walls of paradise are cracking
The voices, carried by the wind, get closer.

What have you done?
What will you do?
Handfulls of hair fall
The tears won’t stop!

I did this!!
It was actually YOU!

I loved you
More than anything I could ever imagine!
Sometimes it is the people no-one imagines anything of
Who do the things that no-one can imagine.
I wasn’t ready.

How does one prepare?
The warm blood oozing over the glistening blade,
You buried your head in the sand.
No-one knew!

The tears again drench the page,
The weakness flows away in streams
as my strength rises with burning flames!
Time has not forgotten me
Charged with healing energy
I will pave the memories.

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