Hate Needing You!

At times I am overwhelmed,
Squeezing all the marrow out of life,
And feeling guilty for sleeping.

Last night’s ten hours revived
Yet, my droopy eyes shine,
I am sleep deprived.

The weekend looms,
My schedule is packed,
Too much to do…

You seem so unnecessary,
Yet, I am delirious without you,
Help me buy more time,
So that I can truly enjoy you!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. lisamaples says:

    It is as if you wrote the poem about me! In preparation for my presentation at NCTIES in Raleigh, NC today, I have stayed up late every night this week and have felt exhausted. Isn’t it amazing how our bodies can compensate until our next reckoning with precious sleep? Even a Power Rest for 30 minutes today gave me some needed energy. I hope you will have a Power Rest to keep you going!

    1. Haha! Indeed, I love the 10minute jerk awake naps! Best of luck on your presentation Lisa!

  2. Boy I can relate to wanting to buy more time! It seems my weeks are always packed.

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