Strong Reminders

A hopeful blanket wraps my shaking body and I count the breaths;
1…, 2…, 3…
The fresh air slowly stings my lungs and my head begins to spin.
 Excitement flutters in the pit of my stomach,
Butterflies, that I’ve long retired,
Begin to stir. 
My eyes scan fast,
My brain screams STOP!
I need to process!
Slow down!
The holiday spirit is all around,
The magic of the season has blanketed the muddy memories.
My mouth curves into a smile
And my heart sheds the agonies.
A new beginning?
Can it be?
That familiar continuation must seize!
The warm feeling has returned and my spirit’s now aflame.
Thank you for the reminder,
That I am strong!
Thank you for the reminder,
That I am loved!
But most of all,
Thank you for the unrelenting care,
And forceful shove!

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