Rising From The Ashes

I need to get out of this rut,
What am I doing getting all barred down?
So much to do and I’m crumbling.
This is so unlike me!

I need to focus…
Remember the dreams?
What are you doing about them?
Why have you lost your way?

You are counted on and the procrastination has to stop!
Pick yourself up and raise your proud head!
You’ve come so far… Please don’t stop now!

What will it take to rekindle your fire?
An exercise class?
More coffee?
A different plan?
More colorful to do lists?

Whatever worked before will work again.
So stop moping and start doing!
You know you… The deepest innermost you!
Reach down and squash the hurt!

The light will shine if you turn,
Life will once again resume.
Get out of this rut and look past the now.

The unhappiness is temporary,
you WILL rise from these ashes,
Glorious as you’ve done so many times before.
So allow time for the unhappiness to burn!

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